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/ We build the Foundation

You don't see us – and you shouldn't have to. Across, beneath and above, we build the gears that move mountains at every click.


/ The Invisible

OpenFlowLabs is a software engineering company who creates the invisible technology that makes every action and data entry possible. Solutions for the most imperceptible interactions and the structure to support tech revolutions.

Design, planning and execution of software development work

Applying the latest knowledge to secure the applications

Organising processes and workflows in and around the development work

Collaborating with stakeholders during and after the creative process



Together, we help to transform ideas into real products and services. With our partners, throughout the world, we design the technology of products, apps and services that make real change in the world.


We design, plan, develop code, manage the project and collaborations and find the perfect tools to build the technology needed for the project. In more simple words, we take care of it.


We understand the crucial importance of building the right team. We find and harvest the ideal knowledge to build long and fruitful relationships.


We can show you some light at the end of the tunnel – we fix bugs, find tools, hire people, build technologies and create processes. All of that we can introduce to you while working with you on the project. In short consulting.


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