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/ 2020-08-17 | Remote working, and the Office post Shutdown

During these past few months quite a few things have changed in Switzerland. A Pandemic is passing through the Country, and a lot of places needed to adapt to that new reality. While a lot of things are happening, we would like to focus on what is happening in the Offices and how existing and new digitalisation techniques can be used to work effectively within these new constraints. The impact of the Shutdown Before the shutdown, a lot of office based companies where ran on the principle, that you have to work in the same office to be a team.

/ 2020-08-07 | Hello "new" World

Our changes and new Partners In the last few months OpenFlowLabs has seen from some drastic changes to its structure. We are now a registered company and have new friends and partners working with us. First of is the split of the business related design and strategy into its own brand and channels under the Umbrella of Fruitsteps. If you are looking to change your business or adapt yourself to these trying times give them a call.